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 Welcome to our cheapmascotcostumessale.com!

Here, you will find thousands of products offered at incredible prices. No matter who you are, and no matter where you are, we offer the same price and same quality to you all. A quick look around our site will reveal our massive range of first-rate goods. Now, come and know more about us.

We are a worldwide dealing platform. From the moment this brand founded, our expectation was to provide more people with worldwide fine and good quality products. In addition to our primary offerings, such as Mascot costume, the special occasion of the mascot mascot head, we also provide holiday special mascot.

We have adopted overseas form mold technology (also called high-quality Styrofoam). All the costumes from us are engraving by precision mold. 

As a leader of cartoon costume industry, now kindly reminds consumers:

1: What kinds of Mascot Costumes exist in the market at the moment?     
At present, there are mainly two types of Mascot Costumes:
One is the high quality foam mold version which is export-oriented;
The other is the cardboard version which is popular in eBay, DH and AliExpress.

2: What is the difference between the foam mold and the cardboard versions? What are the materials, respectively?
The differences between them are mainly manifested in two aspects:
1)the materials of the costume head.
2)the service life of the products;

The mascot head of foam mold version is made from compression molding of high quality foam, which is lightweight, comfortable to wear, equipped with a small ventilation fan, permeable to air, clear in sight, waterproof, crushing and collision resistant, and suitable for long-term use; There is no damage and deformation during transportation, and the quality and fast shipping can be ensured! Using high-end plush fabrics and high-quality lining cloth material, the cartoon doll is more realistic and lovely.

Mascot costume heads of cardboard version are molded and shaped of high hardness cardboard, glued with general short plush fabric, which is heavy, difficult to wear, poor in ventilation, poor in sight and resistant to certain pressure. It is deformable (deflated) during transportation, with a pungent smell of the glue. It is not waterproof, crushing resistant or collision resistant, and should be used with caution to avoid water, collision, crushing and moisture. The service life is about a month (or about three times). With the above differences, the foam mold version and cardboard version is different in price and the foam mold version is generally slightly higher in price.

Enjoy your shopping here!
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