Weirdest college mascots

What are college mascots? It’s safe to say that a mascot is a sign of unity and pride that pupils rally behind. Whenever it takes place, students and professors feel excited and develop a sense of responsibility while strengthening their relationships with each other. Some of the weirdest college mascots are mentioned below.

Rhode Island School of Design

Perhaps, it is one of the weirdest or ridicules mascots to date. Every single spectator always waits the giant walking during the sporting event. Even though their costumes look attractive, the team at the college is crudely named which makes me feel that it is a weird and stupid college mascot. It should also be noticed that the basketball cheerleaders are known with the name of The Jockstraps, which make it among the most stupid mascots for students.

Grays Harbor College

Experts from brandname reveal that these are among the weirdest mascots at university. The Gray Harbor Chokers is widely known for their misinterpreted habits. Anyone who does not know anything about northern Washington can take a look at the eight-foot wood carvings of the brawny man who has tightly stretched a rope in between his two big hands and seems to be afraid of the necks.

Evergreen State College

In this essay about mascots, I would like to talk about Evergreen State College. If you have not encountered a Geoduck, then you can check them as they are large mollusks with suggestive bodies that protrude from the shell. They are among the most stupid mascots you would ever found in the United States. They have nothing attractive and amazing, and you may forget about them in a few days since they would never leave an ever-lasting impression on your mind.

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